I sat inside a room with nothing in it and realized it was still full. This is when I knew I was enough.
-Rudy Francisco


Meet your teacher

Blackbird Yoga offers a variety of yoga classes to fit your preference. There is a style for everybody and every body. Don't know what that means? Visit our Class Styles on the drop down menu!
Forgot your mat/block/strap? Don't sweat it. There are props to use for free in house.

Welcome to Blackbird Yoga, a haven, a retreat, an open space, where you can unroll your yoga mat just as you are. Yoga is more than poses; it gives us the opportunity to turn our view inward and learn some things about ourselves, both physically and mentally. Here at Blackbird Yoga, you can expect thoughtfully structured classes and curated playlists each and every time you step through the doors. Come with baggage; come with hesitation; come with doubts. Lay them out on your mat, and let's move through them.


Owner, RYT200

Be where you are, not where you want to be.